Thursday, December 21, 2006

Comfort blanket

Am I the only one who finds the blanket of fog that is covering the country and bringing Heathrow - and presumably other airports to a halt - rather comforting?

Living under the flight path I am only to pleased to see (hear) that flights have been cancelled and, for a change, can enjoy relatively peaceful afternoons in the run-up to Christmas. It seems a blessed relief, in this age of all conquering technology, that something as simple as a good old-fashioned English pea-souper can become headline news.

Close to where I live is the ancient woodland of Burnham Beeches. I took a drive up there this lunchtime and had a walk around the fog shrouded boughs. It was eerily beautiful and, thanks to the lack of planes, so, so peaceful.

A blanket of fog in the air and a blanket of leaves beneath my feet reminded me that, whatever we do as a people, the nation of England remains forever England.

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Tom Tyler said...

I find the current fogginess rather aesthetically pleasing, though in general I can't stand the gloomy, cloudy days and the lack of sunlight at this time of year.
However, (trainspotting fact coming up!), the dates of the darkest morning and evening do not perfectly coincide - the evenings are already getting brighter! Although the mornings continue to get darker until about 29th Dec, the evenings reach their darkest at about 13th, and it is the average of the two which makes 21st the shortest day.
Conversely, the brightest evening of the year occurs around 29th June, whereas the earliest morning is around 13th June. A funny quirk, caused by the earth's not-quite circular orbit around the sun.