Monday, January 01, 2007

And a happy new year too!

Especially if you live in London where the mad mayor is planning to spend some £2,000,000 of your money on a "celebration" to mark 50 years of Castro's brutal Cuban dictatorship.

In some ways it's nice to know that Red Ken has given up pretending to be mainstream and gone back to being an obvious communist. To many of us that was always apparent, but I guess many Londoners actually believed he had changed. They were wrong. The sad symbol of seventies socialism is still as red as he ever was and still dreaming of bringing Cuban style "equality" to our capital.

Meanwhile, the cost of public transport in the capital is set to soar by 10 times the rate of inflation, the congestion charge will continue to spread across the capital like a cancer creating more and more areas where the poor are prevented from travelling while the elite class waft by in their cars and a new wave of immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania will spill onto the streets bringing all that wonderful diversity and culture with them.

When it comes to London it makes me wonder who is the most crazy. The mayor or the people who vote for him.

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Myrddin Wen said...

The Abolition of the UK starts in earnest in March 07