Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pants on fire

It tells you something about modern Britain when the country's top police officer is caught telling porkies about his career.

Blair excuses his deceit by claiming that he was only trying to portray the "thrill and excitement" of the job, but in the interview he had claimed .....

''It was an astonishing moment - to actually hear the bullet going over your head - I loved it. I loved the job from the first minute."

Personally, I find the fact that so many of our senior people are so lacking in basic dignity, honour and morals a deeply depressing fact. I cheer myself up by considering that the vast majority of these people come from the liberal progressive side of politics for whom values and morals have never been a particularly important aspect of their lives.

The defining characteristic of a liberal progressive is the way they prefer to moralise rather than actually have any morals.


xoggoth said...

I would say that most of us embelish our experiences a little to make them sound more interesting. Harmless enough. However, in this case, as he is such a politically correct laathsome twat I totally agree.

Stan said...

I think you're right, but most of us are not in very high profile public positions.

Being a bit liberal with the truth is OK - and harmless - when retelling an anecdote to friends in a pub. It is not appropriate behaviour for the head of the Metroplitan Police force - sorry, service.