Sunday, April 01, 2007

With friends like these ....

Courtesy of ATW, it appears that the EU's "solidarity" in support for the return of Britain's kidnapped servicemen does not extend to anything other than mouthing platitudes.

EU foreign ministers meeting in Germany called for the sailors to be freed but RULED OUT any tightening of lucrative export credit rules. The EU is Iran’s biggest trading partner. British officials are understood to have taken soundings on economic sanctions before the meeting but found few takers. France, Iran’s second-largest EU trading partner, cautioned that further confrontation should be avoided. The Dutch said it was important not to risk a breakdown in dialogue.

Why we bother with this useless bunch - the same can be said of the UN, too - is beyond me. If ever there was an instance when the EU could prove it's worth to the British people, it was now. But they don't - and the reason why?

Because the EU has never been about anything other than protecting the interests of France and Germany.

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