Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Everyone has a right to be stupid

Via Frontpage magazine, comes the everyday tale of left-liberal indoctrination in US universities and the spiteful way lefties will behave to any student who dares to question their raving propaganda.

When Jason Walter was fighting against insurgents in Iraq he never dreamed that he’d come home and have to fight against teachers and administrators at Bloomsburg University on his way to a degree there. But during the past several months he has been an army of one battling to make sure that no other student will be penalized, as he has been, for having served his country and continuing to be on alert.

Almost from his first day of class he was back in battle, this time fighting the culture war in the academy. One of the courses required for his major was “Contemporary Political Ideologies,” taught by a woman named Diana Zoelle, which was supposed to survey Conservativism, Liberalism, Socialism, and other contemporary political ideologies and classifications.

Walter had crossed swords with Zoelle during his first year at Bloomsburg in 2003. A one time visiting professor at the Institute for Peace Studies at Notre Dame University who made no secret of her liberal views, she had she asked this exam question: Why Is the War in Iraq Morally Wrong?

That alone is pretty amazing. How can a so-called university allow one of it's professors to set an exam with such a leading question? The answer, of course, is that they are so infiltrated with left wing liberals that it doesn't even raise an eyebrow. You can be sure it would be a different matter had the question been "Why is abortion morally wrong?"

Now forced once more to take another course from Zoelle (“Contemporary Political Ideologies” was required for Political Science majors), Walter noted that she still made no effort to keep her ideological slip from showing. She dispatched the subject of Conversativsm with two cursory class sessions and then spent three weeks on Liberalism and four on Feminism.

Sounds typical. After all, our police officers receive around 1 hours training on burglary and about 3 weeks on diversity and sensitivity. Bear that in mind the next time you need a copper - he won't catch the bastard who stole your car, but he'll be ever so nice about it.

[Walter] was also annoyed by her scornful asides about the military and its incompetence, and about Republican administrations’ oppression of the poor and military service members. But he repeated a calming mantra during class sessions--“Everyone has a right to be stupid”—and reminded himself that he had gone to war exactly to support this right and the fatuous ideas that sometimes followed.

It got worse for Walter, though.

Walter’s Army Reserve unit was located in Rockville, Maryland, a four hour drive from his home. His once a month weekend reserve drill obligation began on Friday afternoon and ended on late Sunday, which meant that he would miss a couple of class sessions. He went to Zoelle’s office and offered to produce a letter from his commanding officer authenticating his absence. “It’s not my fault that you have a reserve obligation,” Zoelle replied, adding that she would not excuse his absences. She also refused Walter’s request to turn in assignments due Mondays early before he departed for drill, or to let him hand them in when he returned. She said that he would be given a “0” for class participation and class assignments.

Could you imagine the outcry if some conservative professor demonstrated this kind of personal persecution? You probably couldn't because it will rarely happen - and it will rarely happen because a conservative professor teaching in a university is as rare as hens teeth. Unfortunately for the university - the story got out.

The citizens of the town of Bloomsburg were outraged when an article about problems at the university appeared in the local paper as a result of an appearance by David Horowitz and inundated the university with hundreds of emails and letters of condemnation. And Walter himself has kept up the pressure on the school’s administration, beginning his own personal surge to bring Bloomsburg’s problems to light. He is talking about his case to journalists and politicians in Pennsylvania and beyond and waging a public relations war according to his own rules of engagement.

This is the trouble - the citizens of the town of Bloomsburg were unaware of the left-wing ideology being taught in the classrooms of their university. They were unaware of the blatant indoctrination that is going on under their noses. They assumed, wrongly, that the university would teach their young men and women without bias. But at least they took action once they found out.

I would guess that there isn't a university in Britain today that isn't almost entirely left-wing and staffed with similar ideologues like Dr Zoelle who perpetuate their envy fuelled spite through their students who, believing they are being taught rather than brainwashed, suck it all in only to regurgitate later in the pages of the Grauniad or on the BBC. We know it, but do nothing about it.

We need to purge our educational establishments of these people and end the indoctrination of our young men and women by the left. Everyone has a right to be stupid, but they don't have the right to force their stupid opinions on impressionable young minds.


Stan68ar said...

Quite the eye opener Stan!
I'm not suprised as an ROTC and College Grad from Clarion University of PA (a sister state College)

All points of view are a freedom we fight for...however not all need our financial backing and acceptance.

Fiona said...

I was recently studying for an MA in International Relations at a well known UK university. I was told outright by one of my professors that I would likely be marked down because my political views did not suit the leftie establishment.

He didn't agree with it, and gave me some good marks for, what he called, "brave" work. An example, I wrote an essay on the Clash of Civilizations, basically agreeing with Huntington, and the professor was happy with it, but warned me that the outside assessor would mark me down.

It was very frustrating.

Another thing, I couldn't believe I was arguing about the Crusades with MA students who literally believed that it was an attack on Islam, that the muslims were a peaceful and benign lot. They had NO idea of the centuries of warfare, brought on by Islam, that had preceded the Christian crusades.

I fear for the future if this is the kind of graduates we are churning out