Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Funding the jihad

Another good article on Frontpage Magazine from Vasko Kohlmayer about jihadis in Britain - and the way we fund them.

Altogether these four jihadists collected the equivalent of nearly $400,000 dollars in various forms of government assistance in the years prior to their strike. High as this figure is, it does not include the healthcare and schooling they received over time.

£200,000 - not including health care, education and what have you - for 4 "asylum seekers"? Tell me again about those huge benefits they bring to the economy.

As they put on their death-laden backpacks on that morning of July 21, all the free housing, education, healthcare and income support they had received counted for nothing. The only thing on their mind was murder. This was their payback to the country that provided for them so generously in their hour of need. Inspired by the teachings of Islam, they sought to repay great good with great evil.

No matter how much is done for them, far too many despise the societies from which they so willingly draw support and benefits. We can get some sense of just what we are up against from the suicide note of Ramzi Mohammed which reads in part:

My family, don’t cry for me. But indeed rejoice in happiness and love what I have done for the sake of Allah for he loves those who fight for his sake.

Footage from a surveillance camera revealed the inhuman way in which Mohammed sought to carry out his errand ‘for the sake of Allah.’ As he was connecting the wires to set off the explosion, he purposefully pointed his device toward a mother and her child who were sitting next to him.

As Kohlmayer asks, how are we supposed to live side by side with people whose ideology (Islam is NOT just a religion) inspires them to commit such atrocities. It's all very well demanding that we remain "tolerant", but just why are we supposed to tolerate people who want to kill as many of us as possible - wherever and whenever they can?

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