Tuesday, July 31, 2007

October election?

The English Democrats are predicting that Gordon Brown will seek an election as early as this October.

English Democrats HQ predict that Gordon Brown may ask the Queen to dissolve parliament on Monday 3 September 2007, (Labour Day in Canada & USA!) with the General Election to possibly take place on Thursday 4 October 2007.

1 Brown has his "bounce factor", and will soon loose it.

2 The UK economy is about to nose dive due to Brown's mis-management. - Brown wants to go to the electorate before he is found out.

3 Cameron’s Conservatives have their party conference booked for 30 September - 3 October. Brown may play dirty, and spoil the Tory Tea Party.

Not sure if they mean Brown will lose the bounce factor or unleash it - I guess they mean the former - but I can see where they are coming from. Personally, I think this is unlikely for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I don't believe that Labour is in a sufficient state of preparedness for an election. That said, they could use the summer recess to get up to speed, but I think that is unlikely.

And secondly, Labour is broke. £24 million in the red broke. Where would they get the funds from?


bernard said...

Actually Stan, it's your number 2 (pardon the expression) that is the real cruncher.
Black October has had a strange and malign influence in the fortunes of past political parties, and Brown better watch out if he does go for this date.
He looks to me like a square peg in a round hole as Prime Minister, and he could well end up as one of Britains shortest reigning.
What joy, t'were it the case!

Charlie Marks said...

I think the economy is about to nose-dive, though Brown's mis-managment has benefited the wealthy backers of New Labour -- for working people it is mis-managment, but for the bosses... he's their kind of guy.

I'm starting to think he might hold off a general election for as long as possible. Sadly, Cameron is is no position to push for an election -- which would be the most democratic thing to occur, did anyone read the Labour manifesto?