Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The missing link

The BBC have discovered what links the terrorists plaguing Britain - the NHS.

"Terror suspects all linked to NHS" blares the headline. Read through the rest of the article and you'd be forgiven for thinking they had nothing else in common.

Anyone like to guess what else might link them?

The only clue you'd get is later in the article when someone is quoted as saying that it is "unacceptable to hold any one faith group or any community as being somehow collectively responsible for the actions of the few".


youdontknowme said...

There seems to be a blackout of the word muslim. Brown has ordered his cabinet not to use "muslim" and "war on terror" when referring to the terror attacks because it could offend the muslims.

Stan said...

And we wouldn't want to offend muslims, eh? They might get nasty.

Oh, wait .....

Dr C. Riyal Kilah said...

Muslim doctors owe a great deal to the Kaffirs. Not so much in terms of medication (if camel urine was good enough for the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) it's good enough for anyone), but in terms of the doctor/patient relationship.

I refer of course to the example set by the illustrious Dr Harold Shipman. To honor this great physician the British Muslim Medical Association is setting up the Annual Harold Shipman award. The prize will be given to the Muslim doctor who successfully treats the greatest number of Kafirs, either as part of his professional duties or extramural activities.

Successful outcomes will be evaluated as follows:

One point for a standard Kafir, two points for a dancing slag, three points for a Jewish pig, four points for an Islamophobic blogger, five points for an apostate and one hundred points for Sir Salman Rushdie. Double the score if any are pregnant (with the exception of Sir Salman Rushdie)

Allah Quack-bar!

- Dr C. Riyal Kilah

youdontknowme said...

I think you should get triple points if salman rushdie was pregnant. it would be a medical first.