Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Swimming against the tide

I sometimes wonder if I missed my vocation. I'm a natural born sceptic - one of those people who just will not take the word of someone else that something is so because they say it is.

Instead, I always like to go and find out for myself. In that way I guess I would have been a natural scientist - except that I have neither the IQ or the patience to spend years of my life working on a single problem like "why is water wet?".

It is the natural scepticism that has led me to take points of view that leave me swimming against the tide. I don't necessarily like swimming against the tide - it is often tiring, frequently unrewarding and regularly leads to me being labelled with some very unpleasant tags, but I can't just go with the flow when my own brain tells me that something is not quite right about something.

It's this scepticism that led me to become anti-EU. Like many I started off - not as a supporter, but pretty much ambivalent to it. Then I started to look into it more and more - and the more I did, the more sceptical I became. The same with AGW and, this may surprise many, Christianity.

And more recently, I have become sceptical about the mainstream opinion of the BNP.

I'm told the BNP is racist. Well, they restrict membership, but so do many other organisations. It's not a big deal as far as I'm concerned - that is the right, in my opinion, of any organisation.

Over the last few months I have looked into the policies and aims of the BNP in some depth and, contrary to what the MSM and the major parties would tell me, I haven't found anything overtly racist in any of them. Some of their policies are quite sound, some are quite questionable, some are clear, some are incoherent, some are common-sense, some are clearly unworkable - but then you could say that about any political party!

But there was nothing there that I could find which was overtly racist. Which is more than can be said for the main parties.

Labour's London mayor recently refused to accept the nominations of a number of candidates to a London quango on the basis that they were white men! That IS racism (and sexism).

All three major parties operate a scheme to promote ethnic minorities and women ahead of white men REGARDLESS of their capability or suitability to a post. That IS racism (and sexism).

I've been told that the BNP is founded on hatred. Again, I can not see anything to support this assertion. The BNP do admit that they hate the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties as they blame those organisations for the decline of Britain over the last 50 years or so. I can't say I disagree with that.

Rather than being a party founded on hatred, it strikes me that their principle motivation is a concern for Britain, the British people and the British way of life. What's so wrong about that? Putting the concerns of Britain and the British people above those of any other nation or nationality is exactly what a British political party should do in my opinion.

I've been told that I shouldn't take what the BNP say in public at face value. I don't. but nor do I see any real evidence that what they say and what they do are any different. Quite the opposite. Unlike most parties, they do not shrink from saying what they think. I might not always like it, but at least I appreciate their honesty in saying it - and I firmly believe in their right to express their views.

It's true that there are people who have been BNP members and committed crimes - but that's true of all political parties. Our former PM is being investigated as we speak.

The fact is that the BNP are a legitimate British political party who are committed to the British democratic principles of parliamentary democracy. Like all political parties they are not perfect - they have faults, they have members who are not always "on message", they have dissenters and they have former members with an axe to grind. They also have members who are utterly reasonable, decent hard working, honest and open people - and from what I have seen, this would be the vast majority - people who are motivated not by a hatred, but a love for their country.

Consider the difference in the way the MSM and major parties treat BNP and the way they treat Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein is a genuinely repulsive organisation. It has senior members who have murdered or ordered the murders of British citizens. It has an armed paramilitary wing which has carried out numerous attacks on British people and murdered thousands of Britons. And yet, somehow, this party is more acceptable than the BNP?

The same London mayor who refuses to accept white men as candidates will happily shake the hands of Sinn Fein leaders - but refuse to share a platform with a BNP member. Many companies and public sector employers will sack someone for joining the BNP, but it's not a problem if you join a political party that has openly campaigned for the murder of British people and has an armed paramilitary wing!

How in God's name can that be right?


The Green Arrow said...

A well thought out post. You are traveling a path familiar to all future BNP supporters, conditioned by years of propaganda.

Then one day you start to question and search for the truth. Some, find they cannot handle it and retreat back into ignorance. True Brits face up to it and fight back.

Check out my blog and you will find a am a very vocal BNP supporter but read some of my posts and see what you think. Thats all we ever do, is ask people to think.

Good Luck either way.

youdontknowme said...

You sound like I sounded about 3 and a half years ago. My next step was emailing the BNP and asking to be inviting to a local BNP meeting (I wanted to see if they were racist/fascist) which I went to. You can't really make a decision on the BNP until you have actually been to a meeting and met some of the members.

British National Party member said...

Cor, that sounds just like me! That sounds exactly like me before i joined!

Henry North London said...

Spare a thought for the second and third generation sons and daughters of the Empire that Britain once had who live here in Britain. We feel just as British as you do ( there are some who are disenfranchised and there always will be).I was in the Cubs and the Scouts and I used to salute the Union Flag.

We are a multicoloured nation whether we like it or not. Even in Sweden 20% of the population is now made up from peoples not indigenous to that country.

Its not just Britain that gets the immigrants you know.

People go to where the jobs are these days, its about time that people got off their arses and started doing something for themselves.

I know plenty of people who want the State to look after them and are not bothered about getting a job however low paid or menial it could be. Over the last year my taxes have paid for 10 people on the dole, when the taxes could have been paying for better education.

Its all a matter of priorities.

Stan said...

Henry, I know plenty of non-white people who feel just as I do and feel as British as me - or English/Welsh/Scottish/Irish. I even know a Sikh (a brummie and as proud to be English as I am and a fervent supporter of an English parliament) who votes for the BNP!

It's not just about immigration and immigration really isn't an issue of race, but of change. The trouble is that the MSM make it an issue about race because that suits the liberal progressive agenda.

The British people are pragmatic, remarkably stoical and very tolerant - but they don't like to be forced to change. That's why no matter who came to Britain in the past or for what reason, it was the incomers who changed and not the British.

Even when the newcomers came by force and took over - they were still the ones who integrated. The Vikings and the Normans both came to Britain as invaders, but, within a few generations had become British.

When the Normans came they took over everything and as usual the British people just got on with it. Within a few years it was the Normans who had changed. Their names were changing and they were speaking English. The invaders integrated - the British just got on with their lives.

People go where the jobs are? No. They go where the easy money is.

There have been literally thousands of jobs moved from Britain to Poland, Hungary and other east European nations in the last few years - because it's cheaper to employ in those countries.

And at the same time as thousands of British jobs have been lost to Eastern Europe, thousands of East Europeans have come here. That's not good for us or them.

Do you really think that doctors and nurses can not get jobs in Africa or Asia? Those countries health systems are collapsing due to the leakage of personnel to Britain while thousands of British doctors and nurses are either unable to find work or emigrating to Australia/Canada/USA/New Zealand.

It's not good for us in Britain to train people to sit on their arses or work in America - and it's not good for African nations to spend their scant resources training doctors and nurses to work in our NHS!

I don't know if the BNP is the answer - but I know what the question is and no other political party is offering an answer that I can see. All they are offering is more of the same equivocation, procrastination and prevarication.

And the point is, what is it about the BNP that the MSM find so offensive? Why are Sinn Fein acceptable and the BNP not?

Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance, but what is 'MSM'? Is it the chemical compond sometimes found with Glucosamine?

Stan said...

Main Stream Media - in other words the conventional sources of information such as network TV or newspapers.

Henry North London said...

How about setting up the Scorched Earth Political Party....

We dont have to have repatriation as part of the prospectus or policy though!

Just a thought... The Brummie sikh who votes BNP does make me laugh though.. I have read the BNP manifesto and its wonderful to read but I fear unworkable in practice.

Stan said...

It's an interesting thought, Henry. To be fair to the BNP, their "repatriation" policy is voluntary - but I agree that there are policies which are unworkable.

As I said before, though - most political parties have unworkable policies and at least the BNP have policies, which is more than could be said for the Cameroons! (Unless you consider wanting to be more like NuLabour a policy).

British National Party member said...

There's actually a Sikh doing vids for us over at YouTube (RobiBNP) and one of them headed up our national election broadcast a few years ago.

bernard said...

It's good to know we have genuine friends abroad (in the Indian sub-continent) in the shape of Sikhs.
They were the least resistant to the old British Raj, and even now only constitute about 2% of India's population.
As a people they are good natured, very loyal and have a great liking for pomp...which, coupled with the fact that Hindus and Muslims don't much like them...make good allies for us.

Stan said...

A lot of people seem to think of Sikhism as a kind of sect of Islam, but it's always struck me as having much in common with Christianity rather than Islam.

As for India - it always amazes me the way liberals moan about the creation of Israel in Arab lands - but the creation of Pakistan in Indian lands is a far more blatant example of a false nation being created to satisfy the demands of a militant religious element. The difference of course being that Israel was thousands of years old, but Pakistan had never existed before 1947. And, ironically, the birthplace of Sikhism is now in Pakistan.