Friday, August 31, 2007

Right is right

I've noticed that the liberal media - led by the BBC -have been telling us that Cameron is now "lurching to the right" in response to several high profile incidents over the last week or two.

The thing is, this seems to upset the Conservative Party.


If lurching to the right means reclaiming the streets from feral youth, the police patrolling those streets on foot with local constables based at local stations, parks and public spaces freed from intimidating drunks or drug addicts for the law abiding majority to enjoy once more, decent schools teaching decent kids a decent education and decent manners then what the hell is wrong with that?

It's about time we started fighting back against this assumption that "right wing" means bad. It isn't. Conservatism - with a small c - is a proven, effective method of government. Progressive liberalism - or leftism or whatever you want to call it - is a proven failure.

And yet, somehow, being a supporter of an ideology that has failed everywhere it has been used is considered good?

By the way - no,I'm not fooled by Cameron's sudden rediscovery of conservatism. It's all fluff and bluster.


Shimmy said...

Excellent post!

William Gruff said...

Aaaah, Stan, your 'ignorance' is so obvious as to be beyond comment (classic liberal response no 1). Dinosaurs like you will never 'see the light' (classic liberal repsonse no 2). If only you'd come on board and pull with the rest of us, we'd reach the promised land so much faster (classic liberal response no 3).

It is a sign of their manifest superiority that liberals don't hate their opponents they 'pity' them. It is a sign of their innate intolerance that they believe that those who will not 'engage' with their ideals must be 're-educated'.