Sunday, August 26, 2007

This is not the end

As I hinted at in an earlier post, things have got a little tricky at work. Without going into detail, two of the people who report to me are going to be leaving shortly on maternity leave. Both of them are only recently back from a previous year long maternity leave and this is going to leave my department seriously short handed as I recently lost one other person through "restructuring" (cost cutting).

I'll make no apologies for stating how much this annoys me. Neither of these women are particularly good workers, whereas the colleague I had to let go was one of the most reliable and committed employees I've known. But someone had to go and it is impossible to get rid of someone fresh back from maternity leave, so it had to be him. It wasn't my decision, anyway.

I don't care if this sounds sexist, but these women have let me down badly. Not only by going on maternity leave again, but even when they are around they are frequently having to leave early or come in late due to some child care issue - and they are not even that good at what they do.

Now their work is going to have to be shifted around the rest of the department and much of it is going to have to be done by me as my remaining staff are already pretty much flat out.

Needless to say, I'm pushing for new head-count - even if it's just maternity leave cover - but I know it's unlikely to happen. Keeping costs down is all important.

As a result, Ranting Stan is going to have to take a back seat. I'll still post when and if I can, but I expect it will be difficult. I'll also probably tend to post most new stuff on A Tangled Web instead so check that out.

This is not the end for Ranting Stan, though. It will continue and I will still post - just a lot less regularly.


William Gruff said...

I'll miss your erudite posts Stan and look forward to your early return.

Isn't it odd how 'equality' for women actually means giving them even more privileges than they had in the bad old days of male chauvinist opression?

That, of course, is a typically 'sexist' perspective.

Henry North London said...

Cripes, no wonder you need to rant

Stan said...

Ha! Thanks, Henry.

If I used this blog to rant about work all the time I'd be posting every half hour or so, I reckon.

William, thanks for the compliments - I will still be posting, just a lot less often. It depends on my mood as, at the moment, I don't have the time at work anymore and I usually don't feel like opening up the computer when I'm at home.

I hope, if and when things settle down a bit, that I'll be able to post regularly again - I'm not giving upon this!