Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rights and wrongs

So the Italian killer of teacher Philip Lawrence is not to be deported back to Italy after his release from prison. His lawyers argued that this would breach his human right to a "family life".

Considering what it is that Learco Chindamo has done to the family lives of the Lawrence family one has to ask what gives him the right to take something from someone and then demand that he be allowed what he has denied others?

No doubt the liberals - the same ones who wrung their hands at the dreadful murder of Garry Newlove last week - will be telling us that Chimdano has done his time and had his punishment. I don't think so. He'll still be a young man when he is released with a lifetime ahead of him - something Philip Lawrence does not have to look forward to. He may have served his time according to the law, but this is not justice.

A justice system worthy of the name ensures that the punishment fits the crime and that the rights of the victim and the victims family take precedent over the rights of the criminal. What about Mrs Lawrence's right to see justice served?


Tony Vesely said...

If Chindamo is, as his lawyer claims, a changed man, why would he want to stay in the UK when in doing so he is adding dreadfully to the pain he has already caused his victim's family?

Surely the only honourable thing he can now do, as such a changed man fully aware of the anguish his staying here causes, is to leave the country and thus offer the only consolation he can?

Instead his lawyer tells us that he'll stay in the UK to enjoy his family.

Shakespeare was right: First, we kill all the lawyers.

Sir HM said...

Yes ...

What do you call 50 dead lawyers?

A good start.