Thursday, August 23, 2007

To all progressive liberals

Eleven year olds gunned down in the street.

Fathers beaten to death in front of their children.

This is what 50 years of your ideology has done.

Don't try to deny it. Don't try and justify it. This is the Britain you created.

Are you proud?


Tom Tyler said...

Yes, Stan, I honestly believe that they are proud. Oh, they won't admit it, but secretly they really are proud of what they have done. It's all going according to plan. They want nothing left but a wasteland.

Tom Tyler said...

To elaborate further, Stan, I really think we need to start moving away from the idea that we can somehow "shame" these liberals by showing them the blatant results of what they have created. Their minds don't operate on the same terms as ours. To them, this is not a tragic result of their "incompetence" or "mismanagement" - this really and truly is the Britain they earnestly and sincerely WANT to see happening. Or have you forgotten that all Marxist ideology is founded upon jealousy, bitterness and hatred of success, enterprise, achievement?
No, these Marxist scum cannot be "shamed" by your words - indeed, this is exactly the Britain they want.
To make an analogy, Do you think that Robert Mugabe lies awake at night, torturing himself as to why his policies have failed his people so catastrophically, wishing that he could have done things differently? NO! Not a word of it! The collapse of Zimbabwe is precisely his aim. He wants nothing left, nothing at all. He knows full well that he could never, ever win the "hearts and minds" of his electorate, and he hates them for that, with a hatred spewn directly from the bowels of hell itself. His only possible achievement can be to punish his bastard electorate, to exert his evil power over them all until they die of starvation. He's doing it just to spite them. THAT is the true core of Marxist dogma. Pure, unmitigated hatred.
Granted, we in the UK are nowhere near to the political/economic situation in Zimbabwe - not YET, at any rate. But the end-game is the same. It's time to stop pretending that we can reason with the likes of Labour - they HATE us, full stop. Only violence will stop them.

Stan said...

Strong words there, Tom. I agree that there are certain people - those who were at the forefront of the "revolution" for whom the societal breakdown of Britain was their goal, but I can't believe that the majority of liberals wanted this too. I believe that most of them are motivated by the belief that they are making things better - are after all, much of what they say is based (loosely) in logic if not backed up by evidential observation.

I agree they won't be shamed, though. They refuse to accept their part in the situation - and until they realise that we are reaping as they have sowed then nothing will change. Politicians like Cameron and Brown will continue to spout rhetoric about "dealing with the causes" knowing full well that they are unwilling and unable to even if they do figure out what the root cause is!

I'll never agree that violence is the answer, though - there has to be another way and I believe the British people will find a better way.

Personally, I'm increasingly convinced the only real chance is the rise of the BNP. There is still much I do not like about their policies, but there approach towards a lot of societal problems is the right one I think. My hope is that a huge surge of support for BNP will force a collapse of the Tories and lead to the rise of a proper conservative party.

It may be a slim hope, maybe even a forlorn one - but it is a hope I will cling on to until it becomes an impossibility.

bernard said...

I enjoyed that little exchange.
There are a few good men around.

If either of you want to get a handle on what is happening then you might read what a senior devil advises a junior devil in: CS Lewis's 'The Screwtape Letters'.