Saturday, August 25, 2007

Coming to a street near you

Death and violence.

A father was stabbed to death in his bed by an intruder while his two children slept just yards away.

The killer had also apparently broken off as he stabbed Mr Quelch and returned to attack him further after selecting a sharper knife from the kitchen.

A police spokesman said ........

"He initially stabbed Daniel in bed and then went back to the kitchen to get a serrated knife because in his words, 'the man wouldn't die'. When Mrs Quelch came home, he told her everything was OK because he was a police officer."

All this happened in Maidenhead - a small, affluent Thameside town just a few miles down the A4 from Slough. How can this happen in England? Following the police retreat from the streets we are no longer safe even behind the locked doors of our own homes. What do we need to do? Turn our homes into virtual prisons for ourselves? Barred windows? Steel doors? Massive bolts?

The government and the police have abandoned us. They have no interest in the majority of the people of this country; only in their preferred victim groups. Don't be fooled by their empty words about Rhys Jones, Garry Newlove or, now, Daniel Quelch. They are only saying these things to placate you; to smooth over your anger. They expect you to forget about it. They will use their media arm - the BBC - to tell you not to worry, that crime is actually falling, that we're all so much safer than we've ever been, that everything is great.

It's all lies.


Anonymous said...

Are you seriously saying that this has come as a surprise to you? You can't be serious!
The ruling elite political class disarmed all the honest people years ago so that they couldn't come after them. This leaves the honest people the only ones without weapons. The deal was that the police would keep the peace for them. Now we have the police, led by political eunuchs, cowering in fortress like police stations up and down the country pretending to fill in forms. And still the bloody voters vote for them.

Stan said...

Of course I'm not saying it's a surprise to me. Why do you think I do this blog? For my health?

No I do it predominantly to try and wake the people of Britain from their soporific stupor and realise that the problems of this nation have a single cause.

And that cause is not "family breakdown" or "social deprivation" or "poverty" or any of the things you will hear from the likes of Cameron, Brown or Campbell. All of those things - and much more besides - are sypmtoms of the disease that has inflicted Britain for 50 years and that disease is progressive liberalism.

The answers to the problems this country faces will not come from any of the politicians you hear on the radio or watch on TV - they ARE the problem.

The solution will come from people like me and the myriad of other little bloggers around this nation of ours who do our bit to try and wake the British people up to reality.

It may not be much, but it's all we have as the progressive liberals control every other aspect of the media - the papers, the radio, the TV, the major internet sites. All we have left is this little pin prick of resistance - but one day this pin prick is going to burst the vacant, hollow rhetoric of progressive liberalism like a pin bursts a bubble.

Anonymous said...

You can't wake them up. They are either receiving benefits or employed by the political machine. The Scots are over represented and all the muslims have given their block votes (by postal voting via the tribal chiefs) to the Gramscites, otherwise known as the peoples elected representatives. All of these are currently on holiday after all the arduous business of voting themselves increased allowances. It's much too late. Scram, and switch out the lights after you.

Stan said...

I disagree. Although there are huge swathes of people who are dependent on the state and these numbers are increasing, there are considerably more who are not and they are, slowly, becoming aware that things are not getting better like they are being told.

Like I said to Tom Tyler on another thread - as long as there is hope I'll keep hoping. Maybe that sounds like desperation,but I think it's better than giving up and running away.

This is England, I am English and my kids are English. As the song says ...

There'll always be an England,
And England shall be free,
If England means as much to you
As England means to me.

It may be just a stupid song and a forlorn ideal, but it's one I believe in.

Henry North London said...

This is part of the reason I have a dog, a Doberman. She wouldn't hurt a fly and she loves chasing cats and squirrels but it is a good guard dog for deterrence.

I got burgled and I got a solid oak door with three locks and hinge bolts

I refuse to get the metal things that slide across cos I aint living in a prison. I saw how that operated in Johannesburg and Pretoria , people living behind 12 foot high walls with razor wire and bars and locks everywhere.