Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just another day in progressive liberal land

Listening to Mr Bean - aka David Miliband - on the Labour Propaganda Show .... sorry, Andrew Marr Show ....... this morning you'd think that we were living in some kind of paradise where everyone is happy and nothing is wrong with the world.

Unfortunately, the news tells a different story. What with 4 year olds stabbed to death, 75 year old grandmothers beaten to a pulp in their bedroom by a "burglar" and teenage girls stomped on by other teenage girls until they are unrecognisable.

Yeah - what a paradise the liberal progressives have created.

A paradise for lawless yobs and scum.


Sir HM said...


You must, at some time in your life come across an individual, and just one look and you have this urge to punch his lights out. I suppose you could call it the equivalent of 'love at first sight'.

Well, for me that's Milliband

As for the rest of your post: join, or at least vote for, the BNP. That sort of stuff will soon be brought to an end with a few salutory examples.

Stan said...

If we lived in a sane world, where MPs - particularly those on the "centre left" - were questioned and scrutinised properly by our supposedly "free" media then politicians like Milliband, Harman, Balls and many, many others would be seen and revealed for the jokes they are.

They have no ideas of their own - they just regurgitate the pap they've been spoon fed since they were in nappies. They are what Hayek called the "second hand dealers in ideas". Under proper public scrutiny those ideas and their support for them rpaidly fall apart - but the media is also made up of the same people, so they are never properly questioned.

As for voting BNP - the BNP don't put up candidates in Slough. I can't vote for them if they don't put up a candidate.