Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tory paralysis

In case anyone hasn't noticed, there is a buzz of anticipation around British politics that there will be a General Election this autumn. Give credit where it's due - the English Democrats predicted this sometime back and I was one of those who was sceptical, but it seems they could be proved right.

Certainly the Labour party are making the sort of noises that do seem to indicate that an early election is on the cards with lots of sloganising, sound bites and smirking "I couldn't possibly comment" type remarks which are obviously designed to stoke up the election fever.

And the Tories?

Nowhere to be seen.

Of course Cameron, Osborne et al are trying desperately to get their points across, to have their say and boost their own credentials - but no one, not a soul outside their own little clique, nobody is listening.

Why should they? Since Cameron became leader he has spent all his time telling us that Labour are right, their policies are correct, that he intends to follow the same path and that he is taking the Tories up the same progressive blind alley.

So what's he going to do now? If he tries now to recall the conservative values that he abandoned then he will be hung out to dry by the press who will call him reactionary and opportunist (as if there is a single politician who isn't). If he tries to go back to talking about clamping down on immigration, crime, public spending, tax, drugs etc. etc. then he'll be accused of "lurching to the right" or "pandering to the far right of is party".

Congratulations, Dave.

You thought you were being clever - now you realise what a fool you've been and there is nothing you can do. You abandoned your supporters and marched your army into the enemy camp waving your white flag and offering to talk - but the only talk on offer was surrender.

And now you've reached their camp, you find an empty hollow shell and no one to talk to. They're not interested and never were. They just pulled you into the trap and you walked straight into it - immature fool that you are. Now you find yourself in a barren land long ago stripped of any sustenance by the hordes of liberal progressives.

Sucked in and sucker punched. Dave - you are a fool. A strategic imbecile and you have led the remnants of what was once the great British political party into disaster - a disaster from which they will not recover. Now you find your party paralysed - no where to turn, no where to go. You alienated those who made you and now you want them to take you back.

No chance, son. You made your bed - you bloody well lie on it.


Sir HM said...

The Tories have got one hope of beating Labour if a general election is called soon - and one hope only.

They must all swear blind that if they win there will be an immediate referendum on the European (constitutional) treaty.

If they lay down that challenge right now, and keep banging on about it continuously, then chances are Brown will chicken out.

And if he chickens out? There will be an economic crash before his time's due when he has to call one. A crash that will make 1929 look like a garden party. Basically, he'll do a Callaghan but events between now and then will stuff him, just like Callaghan.

bernard said...

Does that mean you're not going to vote Tory, Stan?

Stan said...

I won't vote for any liberal progressive party, bernard.

Sir HM said...

Can we have a bit of publicity for this?


If all our kids were like this we wouldn't be so worried about the future would we.

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