Monday, March 31, 2008


This statement from the "Local Government Association" (whoever that is!) ......

"motorists inconvenienced by errant parkers would "at last get justice""

If the point of parking restrictions was to prevent motorists being "inconvenienced by errant parkers" then why would they use clamping which ensures that a vehicle parked illegally remains so for a lot longer than it otherwise would do?

This latest example of what we used to call "lying through their teeth" comes in response to the news that CCTV will be used to trap and fine illegal parkers - even though a still photograph from a CCTV camera does not prove that a) the vehicle was actually parked or b) that the vehicle was parked illegally (if it is a disabled driver then it may have every right to be parked there - even if that does inconvenience motorists.

The whole point of these new rules is to make more money and save on costs. A CCTV can watch a street all day long and you don't have to employ a traffic warden to actually issue a ticket. Don't let them fool you into believing that this is anything to do with helping motorists or being fair - it is just to raise revenue and reduce expenses.

Any pretence that it is anything else is codswallop.

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