Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The great lies about immigration have finally been laid to rest by a House of Lords committee which finds that immigration brings little or NO economic benefit to the country. The liberal left propaganda has been exposed as just that - propaganda - used to justify the real purpose of immigration which is to destroy Britain's national identity.

Why? The liberal left hate the concept of nations - that's why. In their dippy little world we should all be part of one great big global village - which is why they support supranationalism through the EU and the UN. Of course it is impossible for democracy to exist in a one nation world which is why democracy is also despised by the liberal left - despite what they might say.

As far as the liberal left are concerned, the one thing you can not trust the people with is making decisions on how they should be governed which is why their favourite instruments of governance are institutions like the EU, UN and the NGOs - all political, almost entirely left wing and all completely undemocratic.

The liberal left realise that their utopian dream can not be realised while nations exist so the intention is to destroy the concept of nationalism and that means dismantling the existence of nations - and the best way to do that is by diluting the national cultures.

Of course it is bollocks and will not work. The EU will not exist in 50 years time and the UN - if it does still exist - will be nothing like it is now. But there will still be strong feelings of national identity and these will rise up just as they did in the Balkans.

Britain is heading for some dark years if we continue to follow this liberal left path. The seeds being sown now will bring forth a bitter harvest for the next generation - and it won't be because of "climate change" it will be because of our ruling class of liberal left imbeciles and their dippy, hippy socialist beliefs. They've been proven to not work in the past and they won't work in the future - all that we will get from following socialism is fear, authoritarianism and, eventually, bloodshed.

In 100 years time people will look back on these times and the liberal left lies and wonder how we fell for all their bullshit. Whether Britain will still exist as anything other than a collection of islands I can not say, but one thing I am certain of is that England will prevail both as a nation and as a cultural identity. And it will be a very different England from now.

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