Friday, April 25, 2008

Good question!

Why is this?

Why are mosques, Islamic schools and colleges springing up in every corner of non-Islamic countries to indoctrinate thousands of young people, when it is illegal for non-Muslims to practice or spread their religions and beliefs in Islamic countries? What is allowing Muslim leaders to teach Qur’an’s hate and killing verses in the mosques in non-Islamic countries? Why would Muslim leaders even dare ask for the establishment of their Islamic judiciary systems in non-Islamic democratic countries (i.e. Australia , Canada Germany, Great Britain and Sweden ) despite Islam’s opposition to democracy and egalitarian values? Why do Muslim leaders in the West have freedom to speak against democracy, the social fabric of western societies? What has brought the West to this shocking stage when it is producing its own Muslim terrorists, who carry out their terror operations in the West (their own countries) and abroad in Pakistan , Afghanistan , Kenya , Tanzania , Saudi Arabia , Iraq , Israel , Morocco and Russia ?

Why are some leftist groups and individuals standing alongside radical Islamic leaders in order to fight democratic values in the West? Why are many western leaders, politicians, media and various groups silent towards the threat of Islam against their societies? What is keeping these people quiet in such a significant time when a religious group challenges not just their democratic values but additionally forces them to surrender to their bondage? Why are free people prepared to surrender to those who would place them in bondage?

Not my words, but the words of an Iranian who was closely involved with the 1979 revolution, helped to set up Hezbollah (and is fully aware of the real purpose of that party) and was sentenced to death by Islam before escaping to the West and finding Christianity.

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Dark_Heretic said...

Hmmmm what a good question? Though I doubt any answers will be forthcoming from the appeaseniks in power