Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rolled over

Get caught smoking dope in the high street? You'll be given a telling off, but otherwise nothing.

Found guilty of burglary? Don't worry, you might have to do a few hours community service - but nothing to worry about.

Dropped a bit of sausage roll in the park? You will be hounded, bullied, fined without trial, threatened with jail and treated like the scum of the earth by people who you pay to employ.

Yep - another day in the topsy turvy world of leftist liberal progressive Britain. Forget all you thought you knew about Britain. Forget about the concepts of the rule of law, freedom of the individual from persecution by the state, forget the constitution which is all but ignored by our legislature and forget common sense - none of this exists anymore.

Having given up trying to deal with real criminals using proper police forces, the authorities have decided to target the unwittting masses by employing covert enforcers. These enforcers would have been called "jobsworths" a few years ago - but they are far from the almost comical uniformed figures we used to think they were. Instead they mingle among us unnoticed. They swoop anytime, anywhere. They are the Stasi of the 21st century - snooping on us using every available device.

They follow us in the streets, watch us in the parks, sit outside our homes while we eat - high powered binoculars trained on our living room windows - they monitor our mail, our phone calls and who we meet and talk to. They check what you put in your rubbish. Soon they will track you in your car - not by camera, but by a device in your car which will record where you go, how fast you drive and how long you stayed somewhere.

None of this is done to protect us. It is done to bully us. It is done to make sure we do as we are told by our masters - the ruling class.

Our rulers see themselves as just that - rulers. They are not there to serve the public - the public is there to serve them. We are there to pay for their pensions, subsidise their lifestyles and submit to their authority. Above all else - we are there to be bullied into submission.

Is this the Britain we wanted? Is this what our fathers and grandfathers fought to defend from the Nazis? Trust me - if we continue to allow the liberal progressives to carry on their agenda then things will only get worse. Pretty soon we will be living in a mirror image of the German Democratic Republic with snoopers on every corner, neighbours spying on one another - even members of the same family eyeing one another with suspicion.

The liberal left like to portray themselves as some sort of  cosy, caring face of socialism - there is no cosy socialism. Socialism is, by design, evil. Any form of it - even an apparently moderate form like that of the Conservative Party - will lead to authoritarianism. It is inevitable - as night follows day.

You can still stop Britain becoming another Stasiland - but we have to start now. Whoever you vote for in the upcoming local and mayoral elections - DO NOT vote for Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrats. They are the left, they are socialist, they are the enemy of free Britain.

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