Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is the government for?

Yes, I know it seems like a simple and, maybe, rather stupid question at first – but have you ever really thought about it?

Please note, I'm not asking what does the government do, but what is it for – in other words, why do we have a government? It is there to manage the affairs of the state on behalf of the people it represents, but – and here is the big question – what are those affairs it is there to manage?

It seems to me there are three sets of objectives that we employ a government to manage.

Primary - to provide the things that the British people require, but which are not within our power to control or effect as individuals.

Secondary - to provide or facilitate the conditions for the things the British people require which are within our power to control or effect as individuals.

Tertiary - to provide or facilitate the conditions for the things the British people would like, but are not essential to the well being of the British people or nation as a whole.

The primary and secondary objectives of government go hand in hand. Unless the primary objectives are achieved then the secondary can not be met, but that does not mean you can not be working towards the secondary objectives while you are still working on the primary objectives.  However, if a government attempts to achieve the tertiary objectives BEFORE it has achieved the primary and secondary objectives then it makes it less likely that the primary and secondary objectives will be met  – because all objectives require funding.

What are the specific objectives in each category? 

Well, for example, the main primary objective is national security. The principle purpose of a government is to ensure that the British people are defended from the threat or incidence of foreign invasion or attack – whatever form that attack or invasion may be.

In the secondary category, one of the main principles of the government is to ensure that every individual as access to high quality health care. Yes, that is secondary because we all have the power to look after our own health – it is our choice to smoke, drink, overeat or indulge in dangerous activities that may be detrimental to our health, therefore it is in our power to effect or control. However, if we are under attack by a foreign agency (whether that agency operates overtly or covertly) then our ability to effect or control that objective is severely diminished.

In the tertiary category we have things like alleviate third world poverty. These are things which, although nice to have or do, they do not effect the British people directly (and only effect us indirectly if the government fail in their primary objectives).

So the measure of good government should be whether the primary and secondary objectives are being met – never ever should it be measured on how they meet the tertiary objectives unless the primary and secondary objectives are achieved in full.

This is what I believe should be the governments Primary objectives.

To ensure that the freedom, traditions, culture and interests of the British nation and the British people are protected at all times.

To ensure that the nation of Britain and the British people are adequately defended against attack, invasion, threat or intimidation by outside (foreign) agencies.

To ensure that the nation of Britain and the British people are adequately defended against attack, threat or intimidation by internal (criminal) agencies.

To propose, enact and enforce law that enables the people of Britain to go about their lawful business and that ensures the protection of their property, livelihood's, their freedom, liberties and traditional rights as British subjects.

And that's about it as far as Primary Objectives go. To achieve those things the government raises money through taxation and is responsible for setting up whatever measures are required to maintain them – adequate, well trained and equipped armed forces,  an independent police force and judiciary and secure borders. 

The test of good government in these areas are obvious – large scale immigration tells us our borders are not secure. Internal terrorism tells us that we are not being protected from internal agencies that threaten our nation and people, external terrorism AND the accompanying intimidation tells us our nation is not adequately defended against foreign agencies.

The secondary objectives are things like .....

To ensure that the conditions exist for the people of Britain to enjoy full employment and economic prosperity.

To ensure that the people of Britain have access to good quality health care.

To ensure that the people of Britain have access to good quality education and so on.

All the secondary objectives are necessary, but are things which should be within the power of the people to control and effect themselves to a fairly substantial degree, but the test of good government here is not whether these things exist (arguable), but whether we have the power to effect and control them ourselves.

Tertiary objectives consist of things that are good to do, but not vital to Britain or the British people – things like ....

Alleviate African poverty.

Bring down despotic regimes and tyrants to justice.

Tackle global environment issues (I suppose some might call that “climate change” - but climate changes entirely naturally and it is not within our power or that of our governments or the collective governments of the world to do anything about. Trust me, one day – maybe in 10 years, maybe in 1000 years – there WILL be a new Ice Age and nothing we can do will stop it!).

The test of good government in respect of tertiary objectives is NOT whether we are alleviating poverty in Africa or leading the world on carbon taxes – it is whether the primary and secondary objectives have been met BEFORE we attempt to achieve any of the tertiary objectives.

Climate change alarmists will try and tell you that this is a primary objective because it could effect our land and our people, BUT if you read the first line of the Primary Objectives I listed, this is covered - To ensure that the freedom, traditions, culture and interests of the British nation and the British people are protected at all times. 

What does that mean in terms of climate change – and I mean when the earth gets colder, as it will, not warmer. It means making sure that Britain is as self sufficient as possible. Self sufficient in basic food, water, fuel and energy supplies. The more reliant we are on foreign countries for those supplies the more precarious our situation.

If you apply these objectives and tests to our current government and ask yourself whether we have good governance – the only possible answer is a resounding NO. Indeed, our government has got everything back to front. Their priorities are the tertiary objectives. What is important to us are not the things that matter to them (partly because they are cloistered from the real impact that failing to achieve those primary and secondary objectives have on us - but also due in part to the fact that ALL our mainstream politicians subscribe to the Socialist Utopian ideal which is and will always remain unachievable)

They have all but given up on the primary objectives and, as a result, have gotten more involved in micro managing the provision of the secondary objective requirements to such a degree that it takes most of the control of those requirements out of the hands of the people and places it in the hands of government. 

Why has this happened? Two words – European Union.

The EU has largely taken over the provision of the Primary objectives of the government of our nation. We never asked them to, we were never asked if we wanted them to. It was just done, quietly and without our consent. But the EU isn't Britain and can not put the interests of the British nation or British people above all others – so the EU can not fulfill those Primary Objectives either. However, because responsibility for them has been handed to the EU by our government, our government has to find something else to do – so it micro manages the Secondary Objectives and becomes increasingly involved in attempting to achieve tertiary objectives as these give the appearance that ministers are doing something more significant than fiddling around the edges on matters such as school lunches or rubbish collection.

Britain is no longer governed from Westminster – it is nonsense to think otherwise. The Primary Objectives of government are no longer being looked after by this government the unelected bureaucracy which has assumed responsibility for those Primary Objectives through the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and European Communities (EC) “pillars” which are supposed to cover the scope of the Primary Objectives I outlined earlier, but which, because of its one size fits all approach, fails dismally in doing so.

As long as we remain in the EU our borders will remain porous, our culture open to inversion, our nation open to invasion and our people open to attack. The only way to change that is to take back control of the Primary Objectives of government.

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