Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BBC admit to breaking Ofcom rules

A "right wing" broadcaster urges voters to make their mark for a Conservative candidate just prior to a local election.

As the BBC puts it in regards to the sacking of James Whale .... "Under Ofcom rules, presenters are banned from showing any bias towards a political party before an election."

So why wasn't James Naughtie sacked from Radio 4's flagship Today programme for making this comment to Labour's Ed Balls in the run up to a General Election "If we win the election ...."

Naughtie is a presenter, he showed blatant bias towards a political party (how more biased can you be?) and it was just before an election. According to the BBC that is sufficient to sack Naughtie based on the Ofcom rules.

Why didn't they sack him?


Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask them in a complaint.
The answer could be revealing in its own right.

Stan said...

That's very true, Colin - but I doubt that the reply, even if forthcoming, would reveal anything at all.