Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A victory for "Britishness"

The killer of Jimmy Mizen is in custody after apparently giving himself up to the police.

I think this has more to do with the reaction of the parents of Jimmy than any police work. Their quiet dignity following the heartbreaking loss of their son has been remarkable - no ranting or raving, the determination to remain calm and in control, the refusal to be angry and willingness to forgive.

When asked what she felt, Margaret Mizen said she felt sorry for the parents of the murderer - I'm sure that would have hit home. I would not be surprised if that was not a significant factor in the killer turning himself in.

But more than anything, what the Mizens did was be British. The much derided "stiff upper lip" was there as were the Christian values which once underpinned our society and moulded our behaviour in times of adversity - forgiveness, tolerance and compassion mixed with the strong determination and belief in what is "right".

Next time someone asks what it means to be British - just think of Mr & Mrs Mizen.


angel of vegeance said...

IMHO, i thought she was far too forgiving.
Anger killed her son, she said, and there was too much of it in the world today.
Well maybe just a little more righteous anger directed at the proper targets would save a whole lot of grief for innocent people.
(For your Christian values, think of Jesus & the temple traders.)

Stan said...

I wouldn't necessarily disagree with you angel - I think a degree of righteous anger and indignation would be fit and proper directed, as you say, at the proper targets (which, in my view, are the liberal left who have led us to this point). I'm not going to criticise her for being forgiving though - it was her son and it is her choice to forgive.

angel of vengeance said...

fair point stan.
if that helps her get by.

not sure what my *angel of vegeance* was, btw :)
sounds like a lentil-eating apocalyptic destroyer.