Friday, May 23, 2008

Missing the target

It is sometimes difficult to understand how the liberal mindset works. On the one hand you have the situation where the journalist Mark Steyn is being prosecuted for "Islamophobia" by the courts of British Columbia for having the effrontery to criticise the RoP while here we have the Independent criticising the British government for not allowing all homosexual refugees from Iran instant access to the welfare gravy train.

Action should be taken immediately to declare that those fleeing Iran, and certain other countries, on grounds of sexual persecution will not be forced to return to their homelands. Not to do so would be tantamount to Britain endorsing state-sanctioned murder on grounds of sexuality. The Government should announce a change in the application of the rules at once.

Hmmm, what would those "certain other countries" be? Would they also be nations who just happen to be, coincidentally, Moslem nations? And isn't that "state-sanctioned murder" actually inspired by the ideology of the state - which happens to be Islam?

This is also a nation which the liberals are always telling us we should be talking to about Iraq. Why, exactly?

What we need, if anything, is for publications like the Independent to stop giving Islam a free pass. Left wing newspapers like the Independent and Grauniad are famously uncritical of Islam - often providing plenty of column inches to supporters of this ideology to vent their anger at our western values. It is time the Independent started being less critical of Britain's asylum policy and started being more critical of the Islamic faith that drove those people to flee their home nation in the first place

We need to be telling Islamic nations like Iran AND Saudi Arabia that their ideology is unacceptable to us - and that ideology is Islam. The best way to send that message is not to make is to make it harder for Islam to progress in the west. We must stop giving in to their demands and start making a few more of our own - and we must back those demands up with real sanctions.

The obvious place to start is with sanctions which are easy to enforce - such as banning the building of new mosques, madrassas, Moslem schools and so on and closing down those which have been proven to incite animosity towards western values as recently demonstrated in the "Undercover Mosque" documentary. We can do that today and it will send a simple and effective message to Iran and Saudi Arabia - we will not accept ANY of your values unless you begin accepting ours. We can also stop pandering to demands to shut down any voice that dares to criticise Islam like Steyn or the famous cartoons.

Islam will NOT reform unless it has an incentive to do so - even then it is uncertain whether it is possible to reform it. One thing is sure, though, giving in to their demands and is not an incentive to reform.


Connie said...

The Truth

Stan said...

Thanks for posting that, Connie - unfortunately few people are willing to listen to the truth about Islam and even fewer are willing to talk about it - especially in the MSM.

I guess I'm preaching to the converted on this site, but in my view we should not be making it easier for Moslems to practice their religion in western countries, but actually make it harder - severe sanctions which will only be loosened if and when sanctions on non-Moslems are lifted in all Moslem nations.