Friday, May 23, 2008

The murder of science

A first class article (pdf) from a Dr. Hertzberg appears on Carbon Sense Coalition. In the article Dr. Hertzberg pulls apart all the propaganda fed to us through the media by the IPCC and Al Gore. He rips through the distortions, wild assumptions and outright lies that make up the hypothesis that man's emissions of CO2 will bring catastrophic global warming.

But more than that he reveals the way once respected journals such as Nature have become so heavily politicised that they are now refusing papers purely because they do not fit with the "consensus".

The most startling evidence of this comes from a Professor Segalstad from the University of Oslo who has carried out the most authoritative study of CO2 lifespan in the atmosphere (at best, five years).

Professor Segalstad writes to Dr Hertzberg saying ...

A manuscript submitted by me to Nature was rejected with only one sentence "30 years of greenhouse effect research cannot be wrong"

THAT is the "consensus". Closed minds and closed doors. Either you conform to the consensus or you will be frozen out - starved of funding and starved of attention.

We are witnessing a murder - the murder of science.

Read it all.

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