Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nazis in Norwich

A council refused to collect the refuse of a 95 year old war veteran because he'd put the wrong kind of rubbish in the wrong bin.

Mr Woodward, who lives alone following the death of his wife Hilda three years ago, said: "I'm very sorry it happened. It's just I'm confused. I don't know which bin is which so I put the wrong things in the wrong bin.

His daughter, Vicky Marshall, 46, added: "I was really angry about what happened and rang the council to complain.

"You would think they would take into account that he's 95 and could make some concessions. But I was told these were rules and they had to be obeyed."

Mr Woodward spent five years in the Desert Rat's fighting to help save the world from the Nazis. He must be wondering why he bothered as they now work at Norwich City Council.

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