Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The streets of London

A young man knifed to death on Oxford Street in broad daylight. A 16 year old has his throat slashed in a bakery and bleeds to death in front of his brother ..... the list goes on.

Welcome to the streets of London - the slaughterhouse of Britain.

It is now being claimed that the killer of young Jimmy Mizen was a 19 year old Turkish man with a string of offences to his name who has now fled the country. Ah, the benefits of immigration, eh? Once upon a time, after a murder, the police would have issued a description of the attacker - including his race - and the media would have reported it.

But in these culturally sensitive times the media and police like to play down the race or nationality of the killer in case it "inflames" racial tension - so all we knew about the attacker at the time was that he was male and about 21.

Our open borders are letting in all sorts of undesirables and our blind acceptance of political correctness and multicultural sensitivity is now preventing honest reporting of immigrant crime. Jimmy Mizen was not the first and won't be the last Briton to be murdered by an immigrant, but don't expect anyone to do anything about it.

They want to tighten the drink drive laws because they claim it may save "up to" 60 lives a year. How many lives would ending immigration save? (Clue: In 2005 it would have saved at least 52)


JuliaM said...

"...all we knew about the attacker at the time was that he was male and about 21."

Ah, but we knew that the witness the police were seeking was 'white'...

Meanwhile, the local police are keen to play down any possible troubling aspects of the case:

"Detective Chief Inspector Cliff Lyons said: "CCTV footage has been gathered from the surrounding area and we have also been conducting house-to-house inquiries.

He added: "I would like to stress this incident is not being linked to any ongoing police investigation. Neither does it have any racial or gang element.""

Of course, that was before they were forced to admit what we now know this morning.

Stan said...

Thanks for your comment, juliam - yes, the police were very quick to rule out a "racial" element. That's because only white people can be racist - it's the law, you know.