Monday, May 12, 2008

A peek into the reality of the "liberal progressive" mind

I don't normally comment on anything written by Johann Hari - mainly becuase he writes unreadable tripe - but I'm going to make and exception in this case.

No, it's not because he has suddenly started writing cogent and coherent articles. This latest diatribe is his usual drivel with it's usual underlying theme of neo-communism, but he does let slip the facade of "liberal progrssive" which covers the deep red core of his Marxist mind. Underneath it all Hari reveals the true nature of the "progressive" - the authoritarian.

But if you are opposed to government regulation, how can you tackle global warming?

Got that?

This is the standard tactic of the “progressive” - A loaded statement which is deliberately engineered lead you to a predefined conclusion.

How can you be opposed to (insert authoritarian tool here) if you want to tackle (insert loaded value judgement here).

As far as "progressives" like Hari are concerned there is no alternative. There is no "third way" or even a second way - there is only THEIR way and their way is more government, more regulation, more interference in more areas of the lives of the British people and more taxation to pay for their profilgacy with OUR money.

Their way is control. Control by the ruling elite over the people, the masses, the proletariat. They dress it up to make it seem that it is the people who have control - in the same way Lenin used to talk about giving the "means of production" to the proletariat when what he meant was giving it to the ruling elite.

Let's get one thing straight - government regulation is power over people not vice versa. Regulation means coercion to do something under pain of penalty. That's why new "regulations" over recycling now means that people doing something as innocent as putting rubbish in the bin can lead to fines, prosecutions and a criminal record.

What Hari means by "global warming" is Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) - which only exists on heavily flawed and wildly inaccurate computer models which not only can not predict the future climate, they can not even be made to replicate the past climate. AGW is not a fact, it is an hypothesis that remains UNPROVEN as an hypothesis. Worse still, there is mounting evidence demonstrating that it is not just unproven, but also completely wrong - yet Hari insists we need more government regulation to tackle this non-existent problem.

We don't. If enough people are concerned about AGW they will, as individuals, make changes to their lifestyles to do something about it. Whether that means changing their light bulbs or living in a tent without any modern conveniences. That's how people work - or how they used to when Britain was a sane country. When they identify a need they will do something about it - whether it is building a school or hospital or collectively employing someone to take their rubbish away.

That is what we employ government for - to do the things we want them to do for us. It is not - and should not be the other way around where a government employs the people to do what THEY, the government, want. But that is inreasingly what we have now and people like Hari want more of it.

He doesn't care whether AGW is real or not - that isn't and never was the point - he just cares about power for the ruling elite and we are just the serfs to perform their dirty work for them.

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Dark_Heretic said...

Ahh sod it let's just shoot the sod it's quicker and saves the country a lot of money from jumped up gets like him and his lot