Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why does the RoP get such an easy ride from the liberal left?

Police admit that a film about Islamic hatred being preached in mosques was NOT misrepresenting Islam.

The admission comes as the West Midlands are forced into an embarrassing climbdown following allegations by them against Channel 4 for their expose of Moslem preachers spouting their hatred in "Undercover Mosque".

A press release issued by the police and the CPS in August 2007 claimed the Dispatches programme, broadcast in January of that year, misrepresented the views of Muslim preachers and clerics with misleading editing.

But they are now being forced to admit that the film DID NOT misrepresent the views of Moslem preachers and clerics - they really mean it when they say things like this ....

"One preacher was shown saying a homosexual should be thrown off a mountain, another that women were born deficient."

If the film isn't misrepresenting the views of Islam then it must be true that these are the views of Islam. No? The West Midlands offered an apology and £100,000 of taxpayers money (very generous of them)

The statement, released to the media after the High Court hearing by West Midlands Police, said they accepted there had been no evidence that Channel 4 or the documentary makers had "misled the audience or that the programme was likely to encourage or incite criminal activity".

No - but telling an assembled crowd to go chuck gays off cliffs might be considered as encouraging or inciting criminal activity.

Excuse me, but if the BNP had said that what would the Independent and Grauniad say about them? They'd be calling them "fascists" and "Nazis". Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson won't share a stage with a member of the BNP, but they are quite happy to go cosy up to the freaks who believe that homosexuals should be put to death and women are retards.

How come the good ole RoP gets such an easy ride for this sort of outrage? Double standards or what? It's a shame organisations like "Unite Against Fascism" can't see anything wrong about the views of this poisonous ideology masquerading as a "religion". If they did then they'd be demonstrating outside every mosque every Friday. They seem to be conspicuous by their absence around the mosques in Slough, but you get bet your ass if Nick Griffin popped in for a swift half at the The Red Cow they'd be all over the place like a rash.

That's the liberal left double standards for ya. The Moslems can say what they want and the progressives will give them a great big hug and tell us to be more tolerant of their "culture", but if you or I dare to say that Sharon in accounts is a shilling short of a pound then we'd better have a bloody good lawyer!

Some time ago I wrote that we should not permit the building or opening of any new mosques until there is a Christian cathedral in the heart of Mecca and the city was open to ALL. Now here is a bloody good reason to start closing many of the mosques that do exist - the law has been broken and the police have the power.

Will they do anything?

Don't hold your breath.

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This thread is worth watching for the gleeful kicking the people who whinged about the documentary are now getting: