Friday, May 16, 2008

Independent England: Divide and rule

The idea behind this old maxim was that it was easier for a sovereign to control his subjects if he was first able to create divisions in their ranks. Although it was a commonly applied principle throughout Europe right up till modern times, it had not been used in this country for hundreds of years.

Ever since the Union of England and Scotland in 1707 the principle behind Britain has always been one of unity - not division. We were all Britons and we were one people under the national flag. The reason for this was actually a counter to the self same maxim - that a united Britain would be all the harder for a foreign sovereign power to conquer and, therefore rule. Many tried - none succeeded.

Until recently that is. But the invasion did not come from outside of these shores - it was an internal coup. A very slow, creeping. insidious and pernicious invasion by an ideology - socialism.

Britain, even into the 1950's was a very conservative nation. Even the Labour Party, as it once was, was socially conservative, but all that was to change in the 1960's - and the way it was changed was through the maxim at the title of this page - divide and rule.

While Britain remained conservative there was never going to be significant progress for the left. They could, through the Labour Party, win power through General Elections - but that was never enough because as soon as the British people felt themselves under pressure they would swing back to their natural conservatism. The only way to fully gain control was to divide them - but how does one divide a nation without coming across as anti-British?

The answer was simple - minority groups. Instead of accepting that we were all "British" the left began various campaigns for various minority victim groups - in particular women, homosexuals and immigrants. Almost from the start they were successful in creating the divisions necessary to gain control over the British people, but even then it wasn't enough. They needed more division so the various minority groups were split further.

The group of "women" was further divided into groups of married women, single women, unmarried mothers, working women, full time mothers and so on. Similarly with homosexuals who became gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and so on, while immigrants became black, Asian, oriental etc. (later they were divided further as African, Afro-Caribbean, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Chinese and more).

Each division created competing groups competing for their own "rights" often against other groups who were - until recently - part of the same group. So working mums were competing against housewives, married women against single women, gay women against heterosexual women.

This ploy has been so successful that everyone in Britain now accepts it - even the Conservative Party who have long abandoned the concept of one nation and bought into the competing groups narrative. They accept it for two reasons. One: the Conservative Party is now a left of centre party. Two: They recognise that the principle of divide and rule works - and that whoever governs the country now has greater control over the people than any government has had in a couple of centuries.

Incidentally, divide and rule is the same principle being applied to the EU. England has always been the thorn in the side of an EU superstate - now they plan to wipe England off the map. No surprise to find out that the EU is as socialist as they come.

It can hardly be a surprise then - given that the left have rapaciously pursued the principle of divide and rule - that the people of Britain are now more divided than they ever were. Gordon Brown and his cronies can moan all they like about "Britishness" - it was they and their like that set about dismantling the concept of Britishness. For them to now try and restore it is rank hypocrisy.

It is not just that the Scottish and Welsh nationalists would like to withdraw from the Union (even if the Scottish and Welsh people don't - they ain't so daft) but I suspect that if there were a referendum tomorrow a significant proportion of English people would vote to become independent. Indeed, my belief is that if the English did vote tomorrow - and I mean ONLY English, not Welsh, Scots, Irish. Pakistani, Indian or anyone else who happens to be living in England - the overwhelming majority of them would vote for an independent England.

It is my belief that reuniting the people of Britain as British once more is now beyond possibilty. Worse still, if we continue as we are then England itself will be nothing other than an historical reference - like Mercia or Wessex - existing only in the history books and in the names of various quangos.

I think the majority of English people realise this - and they realise that their only hope of saving their great nation is to unite against the forces of divide and rule. What they lack, however, is the leadership - someone to stand up for them and speak for them. Our current politicians can't or won't do that - no one wants to speak for the English.

So we must do it ourselves. It doesn't matter whether you're black, white, male, female, gay or straight - cast off those "tags". Reject anyone who tries to pigeon hole you into one of those divisions - for that is what they are.

You are English and that is all you are. Say it loud and say it proud .... "I AM ENGLISH! AND I WILL BE HEARD!"

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