Monday, June 09, 2008

Liberal quackology at its worst

Anyone who has read this blog for some time will know that I am not a fan of the "social sciences" such as sociology and psychology. At their best they are entertaining folly, but at their worst they are dangerous ideological principles which far too many seem to take seriously.

I class this in the latter category.

The author of When Good People Have Affairs, published this week, argues that because society has so far failed to have a sympathetic discussion of infidelity, the positive sides of cheating have been ignored.

Society has failed to have a sympathetic discussion of infidelity because there are no positive sides to cheating. It is morally indefensible. The author claims that "most philanderers are good, kind people, she argues, who are seeking real happiness and love" and also goes on to say "that most cheating spouses should never own up, because revealing the infidelity is more damaging than keeping quiet".

This ignores some simple human principles. Particularly the very thing that differentiates us from the rest of the animals that inhabit this earth. Conscience. If she seriously think that "most philanderers are good, kind people" doesn't it occur to her that most good, kind people have a conscience and that lying and cheating will prey on that conscience for a very long time?

And what about when the partner does find out about - often years later? How will they feel about being lied to for so many years? What will that mean to them?

Mira Kirshenbaum is a "marriage therapist" apparently. God help anyone who goes to see this deranged moonbat to help their marriage through a tough time. If this is an example of her thinking they'd be better off saving their money and hiring a good divorce lawyer - because they will need one pretty damn soon.

It's just another example of the "do what you want" consequence free society that the liberals have created regardless of the damage it does to society. The mess of societal breakdown surrounds us every where we look.

It has been one of the main thrusts of secularism that their morality is every bit as good as Christian morality - though they always fail to acknowledge where secular morality initially came from - but this is positive proof that secular morality is not moral at all - it is immoral. The belief that one can do what one likes as long as you don't get caught can not apply in Christianity because the truth is that God knows what you do. You can not lie to God - you will always be found out, you will always get caught.

All actions have consequences.

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