Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Still crazy after all these years

It's not often I find myself agreeing with the ravings of the man-hating feminist loon, Germaine Greer - and today is no exception. Writing in today's Times the washed up has-been who never really was tries to explain why the role of the father is not equal to that of the mother.

Common sense tells us that a father's role is not equal to a mother's.

How so?

She will suffer more for her child than she has ever suffered for herself. If her child is taken from her, she will experience pain at the site of the separation for the rest of her life.

Oh really? Tell that to Kelly Tollerton who abandoned her 2 year old alone in a filthy kitchen while she went "partying" with her boyfriend. Not much pain or suffering there - until someone threatened to take away her right to leave her kid festering while she "partied".

It's thank to the thoughts and meanderings of people like Greer that the role of fatherhood has been sidelined over the last 40 years and this has led directly to the collapse of society. When we wonder why so many kids are bleeding to death in gutters from stab wounds inflicted by other kids it is thanks to the ideas of people like Greer.

Common sense tells us that a child needs a father as much as a mother. The roles are different - but equally important. That is why every civilisation that has ever graced this earth developed some concept of marriage - entirely independently.

The fact that some children develop perfectly normally without one or the other is not the rule - it is the exception. Most kids need two parents - a man and a woman - to develop properly and realise their potential. Humans realised this from the earliest moments of conscious rational thought - idiots like Greer chose to ignore it thinking they knew better than the collective knowledge of all of humankind from the dawn of time. Arrogant or what?

The evidence of her beliefs lie all around us - dead kids in the mortuaries, gangs of grunting aimless hoodies hanging around the street looking for their next fix of drugs, alcohol or violence - and yet she still can't see how misguided, how stupid she is.

Common-sense is not something Greer is qualified to comment on.

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