Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Thank god that's over

At long last the Democrats have a candidate and I fervently hope this will mean to the endless coverage this sideshow has received. At least it is understandable that the USA goes so overboard on the subject, by why oh why do our own news organisations think this is interesting? Or even important?

Yes - once the actual race for the presidency is underway then it would be fair enough to give it substantial coverage, but this wasn't a race for the most powerful job in the world. It was boring and repetitive. How many times do we have to watch clips of hooting, cheering crowds frantically waving their Hillary or Obama placards around as their chosen anointed one repeats the same old tired rhetoric?

Personally, I think this whole affair has been trumped up simply because the choice was between a black candidate or a female candidate. I doubt whether there would have been quite the smothering coverage if it had been between a couple of white guys.

The irony of all this is that I am dubious whether USA is ready for either a black or a female president and that by tying the Democrat ass to either Obama or Clinton the Democrats have effectively handed the Republicans yet another victory.

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