Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mob rule Britain

This story tells you everything you need to know about how far the rule of law has collapsed in Britain today.

Two police officers were beaten and bitten by a mob of teenagers after they asked a girl to pick up a piece of litter.

The officers had asked a teenage girl to pick up a fast food wrapper she had dropped on the pavement. She did so, but then mockingly dropped it on the ground again.

This sort of surly behaviour is typical of British "yoof" who now treat authority with contempt. We're all familiar with the stories of some dad being set upon by feral children - now the mobs are not even put off by the fact their victims are police officers.

And this event takes place the day that the ineffectual and incompetent Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, announces that the public should intervene to stop crime and help others.

In a Britain where police officers are set upon by a mob simply for asking a surly slut to pick up her rubbish and mobs of "yoofs" have no qualms about kicking a father to death if he dares so much as look at them the wrong way?

Is she serious?

It also tells you something about our oh so politically correct police when you hear this .....

Insp Simon Ellingham, of Croydon CID, said .... "Whilst we would never use the term mob, which is an inflamatory (sic) word, we can confirm that eye witnesses have discussed their initial fears that officers were going to be seriously injured or killed."

An inflammatory word? This dipstick has just seen two of his officers set upon by a mob and he is worried about upsetting the mob who attacked them? I'll leave the last word to one of those officers.

One of the police officers who was attacked, who did not want to reveal his name, said that he feared for his life and added: “It amazes you, it actually depresses you, the state of children today. The disrespect, not only for people who might be in the police but anyone older.”


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Stan said...

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