Saturday, July 19, 2008


This was kind of inevitable given the priorities of politicians these days.

You see, you and me - the people formerly known as British subjects - are no longer the priority of the British government. Far from it. Top of the list of priorities is "saving the planet" - which is odd seeing how the planet doesn't vote for them, has been around for several billion years without any help from the Labour party, is remarkably adept at looking after itself and will be around for several billion years long after we're gone.

You think I'm over-reacting to a minor piece of legislation? Just look at the names of the acts involved.

The act that gave us the right to weekly bin collections - The Public Health Act of 1875.

The act (being amended) that takes away that right - The Environmental Protection Act of 1990.

The environment trumps public health.


david cameron's forehead said...

Yes, let's all speculate on who was in office in 1990, shall we?

Stan said...

The EPA didn't take away the requirement of local authorities to collect rubbish in 1990 - it's 2008, Labour are in power and they are the ones using an amendment to the EPA to alter a requirement of the Public Health Act.