Friday, September 12, 2008

Desocialising Britain

There is an air of optimism among Conservative voters that their party is going to win the next election. I guess this is understandable given the enormous lead they appear to have in the polls, but they should realise that the only poll that matters is the one on election day. Having a 20 point lead in a mid term is not going to see their party in power.

However, should the Conservatives win the next election ..... what then?

The root and branch of the Conservative Party may still be largely conservative, but the same can not be said of the Parliamentary Conservative Party which is almost entirely progressive liberal. And with a selection process deliberately biased to admit only those who subscribe to the progressive liberal agenda the situation is only going to get worse, not better.

This is why I am not fooled by Cameron like so many are. I still talk to true blue Conservative supporters who, although they readily accept that Cameron appears to be just another progressive liberal, then try to tell me to "wait and see" what happens once they get in.

Yeah? Like what? They seem to think that Cameron is going to suddenly emerge as a Thatcherite butterfly from his Blairite chrysalis once he has the keys to No 10 in his sweaty palm. He won't. He can't. Even if he wanted to - which I very much doubt - then he will be stymied every which way he turns.

The problems facing Britain go much deeper than just the Tory Party. Socialism has become ingrained into every nook and cranny of our institutions, public bodies and functions. It starts in the schools, where teachers have been replaced by "educationalists" who see their primary purpose as being to indoctrinate the children under their care into socialist, liberal progressive dogma. The idea of teaching kids "knowledge" disappeared out of the window back in the sixties - which is around the same time that teaching as a profession became swamped by liberal left sympathisers.

They like to claim that they give kids the "facts" and allow them to make up their own minds, but they don't really do this. The "facts" they give them are heavily loaded and designed to make kids think a particular way - the liberal progressive way.

This continues into further education. Universities were way ahead of state primaries and secondaries and have been indoctrinating kids into socialism since the 1930's, but as more and more children went on to university so more and more of them had their minds poisoned by the noxious ideology.

Once into the workplace the indoctrination continues with "diversity training", "positive discrimination" and so on. Add on the enormous growth of the public sector where the indoctrination is even more profound and you soon get the idea.

Then there is the police and judiciary. The rank and file police remain, on the whole, steadfastly conservative, but their leadership - the majority of whom now consist of people indoctrinated by the educationalists in our schools and universities - is now intent on politicising our police force. The judiciary, being appointed by the government, are now almost entirely made up of effete liberal progressives who are not only subscribers to the socialist dogma, but also largely insulated from the effects of their judgements.

At the end of the Second World War, the Allies embarked on a process they called "denazification". This seemed, on the face of it, a relatively straightforward idea. The original belief was that they would simply exclude Nazis from positions of power or influence and Germany would then function as a democratic state.

Once the idea was put into practice the Allies soon realised it was going to be a lot harder than they first thought. In the first place, without the Nazis, there were simply too few people to run the country. Pretty soon, former Nazi Party members were once more operating as bureaucrats again.

Worse still, the Allies found a population who were so ingrained with Nazism - even though the majority were not Nazi Party members - that the idea of "denazification" seemed almost impossible. Most of all, they found a generation of children who had spent their lives being indoctrinated into the ideology - and these children simply could not comprehend that there was anything wrong either with the ideology or the practice.

There is a common misconception that Germany was sorry for what it had wrought on the world after the end of World War 2. There were individuals who grasped the enormity of what Germany was responsible for, but, on the whole, Germany - or the German people - were sorry for what had happened to them - not for what they had done. The overriding feeling was not one of guilt, but one of victimisation.

I digress. The point is that Britain is now, with socialism, very much where Germany was with Nazism. It is not a coincidence. Nazism and socialism are two sides of the same coin and it is no surprise to learn that they both use common techniques to achieve their goals.

Whoever wins the next election will not be able to change that unless they are prepared to smash apart every aspect of British society that currently exists and rebuild it from scratch - starting with the education system.

Does anyone believe "Call Me Dave" is ready to do that?

I don't.

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