Monday, September 15, 2008

What's it like on planet Liberal?

Say what you like about liberals, but you have to admire their consistency - or rather their consistent lack of it.

Of course, honouring a "pioneer" like Marie Stopes might seem like an obvious thing for liberals to be pleased about. She was the architect of "family planning" after all - a great feminist breakthrough in the eyes of the left. The fact that her rationale behind family planning lay not so much in her belief in feminist issues, but her belief in racial purity and she openly advocated compulsory sterilisation for those she considered unfit to be parents - which seemed to include the short sighted as she cut her son from her will for daring to marry a woman who wore glasses.

Despite her racism, apparent support for Nazism and her belief in the questionable "science" of eugenics she remains, for some reason, a heroine of the left. It must be tough being a liberal when you have to balance such things - deciding which of your favourite victim groups takes precedence. On the one hand a feminist, on the other a racist - do we support her or not? Heads we do, tails we don't ........

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