Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Enemies of the state

I suppose a lot of people will be wondering, like me, how a jury could fail to find those accused of plotting to blow up airliners guilty, but I can't blame the jurors. They can only act on the evidence presented and the criminal act charged and it is up to the prosecution to prove the case beyond doubt. Clearly the prosecution failed to do this.

The problem - as far as I'm concerned - is not with the jurors, but with the government, CPS or whoever it is who decides what these people are tried for. It may not have been obvious to the jury that the accused were actually intending to create carnage and murder on a grand scale, but what is clear is that they were guilty of sedition and treason.

Sedition and treason are crimes, but ones which our society is increasingly loathe to prosecute. The reason for this is, once more, progressive liberalism which nominally supports the right to free speech and preaches toleration of other views.

I say "nominally" because the progressive liberals are notoriously intolerant of anyone who expresses a negative opinion on one of their favoured victim groups. Which is why people are prosecuted for the slightest perception of racism, but Moslems making videos that actively preach murder and mayhem is just a cultural thing who are just reacting to a genuine grievance.

The "war on terror" will never be won as long as we keep treating it as a criminal activity - like smuggling or burglary - instead of a war. We have to face up to the fact that we are in a war - whether we like it or not - and that our enemies have "soldiers" actively engaged in action in our country. The plotters in this case ranted against the presence of our troops in what they called "our lands". Well this is OUR land - and if they have chosen to take the side of our enemies then they are OUR enemies and should be treated as such.

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Lemon said...

Moral Relativism...
The Islamists are honest in their beliefs, and sincere in their actions... They have every right to do as they wish, as we do to do what we wish. Providing that we don't insult Islamists.
Cause we're no better, morally, than earthworms.
The word verification graphic for this comment is "poohy". Fitting.