Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The case of Darren Harkin exposes the real sickos in our society. Having murdered his six month old step brother at the age of 12 Harkin escaped form a low security psychiatric hospital and went on to rape a 14 year old girl.

Darren Harkin, 20, who was originally detained for the murder of his six-month-old stepbrother.

Detained? Detained is what happens to you when you are late for an appointment. Sick murdering bastards who hack babies to death should be imprisoned - and then hung by their neck until dead.

In January 2000 Harkin, aged 12, had walked into a police station in Bristol and confessed to the murder of his stepbrother. He had stabbed the baby in the head and chest with a kitchen knife and cut off his right arm.

Remember that point - that Harkin had walked into a police station and confessed to killing his step brother. It is crucial.

Harkin could give no explanation for his actions, and doctors later diagnosed schizophrenia and “autistic spectrum disorder”, which meant that he was unable to comprehend the consequences of his actions on other people.

He understood his actions well enough to hand himself in to the police and confess to murder. That in itself demonstrates that this sick sod understood entirely the "consequences of his actions on other people.". But the authorities preferred to ignore that obvious point and come up with some deficiency through which they could justify his actions to themselves. Boy, I bet they were ever so pleased with themselves when they came up with "autistic spectrum disorder".

So having had a bunch of doctors confirm that Harkin had something wrong with him which meant that he was quite happy to go around dismembering babies, our criminal justice system kicked into action and classified this psycho as a victim.

He spent several years in a medium-security psychiatric hospital before being transferred to the Hayes in the village of Pilning near Bristol, which is managed by the National Autistic Society.

So instead of mouldering in a top security prison for his heinous crime, Harkin was treated with kid gloves and offered "help" and "understanding" for his condition and looked after by a charity. A charity for goodness sake!

This help and understanding included the following healthy educational activities.

He was taken by staff to snooker clubs and to watch violent horror movies. He was also allowed to build up a collection of violent and pornographic movies on DVD which, no doubt, he was allowed to watch in his cosy little room.

In February Harkin absconded but the supervisor did not raise the alarm for half an hour for fear of “panicking” other residents.

Very thoughtful of them. They don't tell us if they mean residents of the hospital or the village of Pilning, but I expect they mean the other residents at the hospital. I doubt whether the welfare of the innocent law-abiding citizens of Pilning even entered their head.

After his escape, Harkin burgled a nearby house before crossing the Severn Bridge on foot and abducting a 14-year-old schoolgirl at knifepoint in Chepstow high street. He threatened to kill the girl before raping her twice. After his arrest it emerged that Gwent Police had not been alerted about his escape.

Well, why would they need to know? After all, is it necessary to let the police know about every violent knife wielding psychopath with a history of murder and an exposure to violence and porn roaming the streets? Surely that would distract from their real job of hounding motorists and filling in forms.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the title above refers to Harkin and his like. It doesn't. The sickos that concern me are the fools who run are criminal punishment systems that do everything they can to excuse someone like Harkin of his crime and allow him to commit further revolting acts.

Thanks to them a 14 year old girl will suffer for the rest of her life. Thanks to them this is neither the first case of this kind of thing nor will it be the last. Of course Harkin had something wrong with him - murdering psychopaths always do. Hanging a label on it and trying to treat it is neither desirable or necessary. What was necessary is that this violent sick pervert should have been prevented from ever being able to do something like that again.

Thanks to our sicko liberal society he wasn't.


JuliaM said...

Check out the BBC's 'Today' article on it:


There's something seriously wrong with the attitude of the people who run these establishments.

I'll be posting on it later on.

TheFatBigot said...

It really is so depressing that people in charge of dangerous individuals ever take their eye off the ball, especially with someone so obviously dangerous as Harkin.

OK, so he is mentally ill and can't control himself. That's why he was detained under the Mental health Act - detention is all about protecting the public.

But common sense goes out of the window when the caring crowd are in charge. These morons are so blinkered they see only a victim of wicked capitalist society. So determined are they to rehabilitate their victim that they can't see beyond their noses - except to search for another comfy sinecure in The Guardian jobs pages, of course.

It drives me nuts, it really does.

Socrates said...

Are you saying that a twelve year old boy with schizophrenia and Autism should be hanged?

Jim said...

Yes, a 12 yr old boy with "autism" and "schizophrenia" who commits atrocities like this should be hanged.