Thursday, September 25, 2008

Resignation of a nobody

The political media have continued their navel gazing over the news that an over promoted, ineffectual and largely anonymous cabinet minister - Ruth Kelly - has decided to resign.

Who really gives a damn?

Outside of the Labour party and the Westminster village I doubt that anyone really gives a monkey's who is transport minister. All they really care about is what the minister does - and when it comes down to it the simple answer is ..... nothing.

Come on - without looking - can anyone tell me what the Labour transport policy is? Does anyone know what the Conservative transport policy is? Do any of the major parties actually have a transport policy which consists of anything more than a few lines of meaningless drivel?

I've no doubt they will all promise "investment" (our money poured down more drains) and lots of gimmicks, but as for actually having any real meat to the bones - I seriously doubt it.

The fact is that transport is largely dictated by Brussels. All our government is allowed to do is tinker around the edges. We don't actually need a transport minister as their only real job is rubber stamping EU directives issued by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in a foreign country.

The sad truth is that most of the cabinet could resign tomorrow, not be replaced and it wouldn't make the slightest difference. Those that work as ministers in our government do not serve the British people - they serve their Brussels masters and they all have an eye firmly on the prize of an appointment, one day, to the EU and its unrestrained gravy train.

The only resignation that will matter will be the one when Britain resigns from the EU. Until that day, we should all be resigned to the reality of our ministers being nothing more than puppets to the EU bureaucracy.

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