Thursday, September 25, 2008

Selling England short by the pound

The disgrace of having British industry sold off to foreign owners continues with the deal to allow a state run French firm to buy up our nuclear power generation plants.

It's bad enough that our non-essential industries are being bought up wholesale by foreign competitors - who then operate those industries for the benefit of their national interest, not ours - but to allow our essential services to be purchased by foreign state owned companies is verging on the criminal.

One day, the next generation will look back on these times and wonder what on earth we thought we were up to. They'll wonder with dismay what possessed a seemingly sensible nation to prostitute itself in the way we are doing. They will ponder with open mouths the sheer folly of the national policies we pursued while this precious jewel of a nation was in our care.

I've no doubt that they will work to put things right - and they will put things right eventually - but their job is getting tougher year by year. The arrogance of this political generation seems to have no end. The failure to understand that the nation is not a possession of theirs to do as they please with, but a living entity which was entrusted into their care by the previous generation.

Since then they have set about systematically smashing apart all that was good about our country. When they come to hand over the battered remnants of what was once a great nation our children will be look at the decaying, tattered remains and wonder "what have you done to this?"

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