Monday, September 15, 2008

With age comes sarcasm

I usually like William Rees-Mogg. Ok - "like" might be too strong a word. Let's say that I'm usually ambivalent towards his articles. In all honesty they are usually long winded and rather dull, but factually accurate and well thought out - so one wonders what has driven him to write this in the Times today?

Considering the galvanising effect of Sarah Palin on the Republican campaign, Rees-Mogg suggests Labour could achieve a similar impact with a suitable woman candidate.

I still think that Labour's obvious candidate for the leadership is their elected deputy, Harriet Harman.


Has Rees-Mogg gone barmy? The "Palin Effect" comes from a woman who is everything Harman is not. Palin does not have Harman's privileged background, believes in the traditional family, does not subscribe to all the touchy-feely leftist nonsense and is a supporter of a woman's right to be a woman rather than a pawn of the great dictatorship.

Added to that, Palin, despite being an ex-beauty queen, gives off an aura of smiling ordinariness that gives her the "woman next door" appeal. Women and men can imagine her as their next door neighbour - someone who is always genuinely pleased to see you, always has time for a cup of tea and a chat and always expresses that "can do" attitude.

Harman comes across as a bitter, vindictive, badgering, hectoring, supercilious old sow. Rather than people seeing her as their next door neighbour, they see her as one of those petty jobsworths who seem to exist only to make our lives more difficult and believes every setback is someone else's fault or problem. She has spent her life insulated from the real world and has made a very cosy life for herself by hitching her trailer to various bandwagons as they roll on by.

On top of all that, Harman has been consistently one of the worst performers on Question Time for as long as I can remember. Whenever she has to stray from a prepared script she talks absolute garbage that most people just can not comprehend.

I can't believe Rees-Mogg is serious. Maybe the old sod has got a little wicked in his old age and has his tongue pressed firmly into his cheek?

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