Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dereliction of duty

The first duty of a government is to protect the nation, its people and culture from attack.

That is the primary purpose of a government, believe it or not. Anything else is secondary to that. It is a primary purpose which successive British governments have abandoned in one obvious way - by opening our borders to mass immigration AND by submitting to the notion that we as a nation must adapt our culture to accept the customs of the immigrants rather than vice versa.

Less obvious is the dereliction of duty by government in the defence of the realm.

A Russian nuclear bomber managed to get within 90 seconds of Hull in a mock attack as RAF radars failed to pick it up.

Our national defence is a joke. The RAF is ill-equipped, poorly funded and totally unprepared. The Army, though still manned by some of the finest fighting men in the world, are badly let down by senior officers who are motivated more by political opinion than military sense. The Royal Navy is incapable of defending our seas let alone projecting power elsewhere.

And it is going to get worse.

In January it emerged that the Ministry of Defence will have to cut its budget by an extra £1.5 billion a year over the next three years, leaving the three armed forces vying with each other for the money.

A senior RAF pilot told The Sun: “The Russians made us look helpless. The Blackjack could have got even closer. It was a disaster — it basically gave the Russians the green light to fly wherever they want.”

The RAF radar actually picked up the plane - but only after it had turned around and started heading home! Our government spend roughly three times as much on quangos than they do on national defence. The purpose of the quangos is to intrude into our everyday lives as much as possible at the behest of the EU - our real masters - while the purpose of the RAF is to prevent enemy forces attacking our cities and homes.

Which would you rather spend the money on?

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