Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The sorry state of right wing politics

Iain Dale has published the list of what he calls the top 50 right wingers.

Top of the pile, for goodness sake, is David Cameron. Why?

Cameron remains top this year because he is the leader that has taken the Conservative party back into contention.

Right - so the best right winger is the one who has taken his party on a forced march into leftie liberal la la land. Gawd help us all. You can get some idea of just how "right wing" this list of liberal progressive wet blankets is by the fact that Chris Patten - yes, that Chris Patten, makes it into the top 50.

Do you still think the Tory party has a future?


Rob said...

It clearly has a future for Iain Dale. Tremendous piece of arselikan.

Stan said...

I don't think much of Dale's idea of what constitutes right wing politics - but as he is a member of Cameron's soft centre left liberal progressive hogwash party then I shouldn't be surprised.