Thursday, October 09, 2008

Modern Britain - a safe haven for terrorists everywhere

The only surviving terrorist of the 1980 Iran Embassy siege is to be freed from jail and allowed to stay in Britain living on benefits at our expense.

They say that the poor little so and so may face the death penalty if he is deported back to his homeland where he faces trial for murdering one of the hostages in cold blood. No doubt the progressive liberals will be jumping for joy at such a bold progressive move - such tolerance and understanding.

Unfortunately, the message this sends out to would-be terrorists is clear - if you have a grievance with anyone, commit your crime in Britain. Not only will you get a soft sentence, but you'll be released and kept at taxpayers expense for the rest of your natural life.

Making your country an immigration hotspot is bad enough, but providing a refuge for murderers and criminals on the run from the law of their own country is plain stupid.

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