Thursday, October 09, 2008

Work harder!

Come on you lot - pull your fingers out! With the impending financial gloom these poor people are going to need all the benefits they can lay their hands on to maintain their lifestyle.

You can't seriously expect them to make do with a mere £170,000 a year and a £1.2 million home do you? Then there's the education for the school age kids -four of them. What's that worth? £10 grand a year each? And of course there is the NHS - roughly about £1500 per person per year - so that's another £12000. Someone has to pay for all this - and this is just one family. What about the thousands of others still waiting to get their fashionable million pound pad?

Fair? Of course it's not fair that you work hard to keep these immigrants in a luxury lifestyle you can only dream of, but that's modern Britain and socialism for you. Haven't you read "Atlas Shrugged" yet?


JuliaM said...

Interestingly, the 'Mail' is now reporting that three council workers have been sacked over this...

Stan said...

Great - only another 15 million to go and we might start getting efficient public services.