Thursday, October 30, 2008

My final thoughts on Ross and Brand

This is the last time I'm going to comment on this particular furore - whatever happens to these two childish "men" is irrelevant now. They've gained more notoriety and will reap more dividends from it. Any apology they make - along with those they have issued so far - will be absent of any sincerity.

The only thing I want to know now is what on earth this pathetic pair were doing on Radio 2 in the first place?

Radio 2 has always been the preferred choice of an older generation. The demographic that this infantile pair are aimed at tend to listen, if anything, to Radio 1. Why has the BBC decided to programme both Radio 1 and Radio 2 for the 15-30 year olds?

Radio 2 used to be a station one could tune in to and know that you'd hear decent music, gentle humour and proper adult conversation punctuated by good manners. It is not the place for "edgy" presenters who think it is OK to boast on air about who they sleep with, swear profusely and who talk and act like they are still in their teens.

Grown up people want a grown up station and Radio 2 used to be that. Those that enjoy puerile humour, loud and repetitive music devoid of melody and self-obsessed presenters whose manners are marginally better than that of feral teenagers already have a radio station paid for by licence payers on Radio 1.

Give us back our Radio 2, BBC.

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