Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The very dispensable George Osborne

As the Tories shadow chancellor splashes around out of his depth in the current tidal wave of the financial crisis, Conservative Home gives us 10 reasons why Georgie is so important to conservatism.

They vary from inane to utter drivel, but do serve as a very serious reminder of just why this Tory party is doomed. The significant point they have missed is that Osborne - along with Cameron - have allowed a Labour to turn a crisis which, at least in part, was created by the incumbent Prime Minister into a positive point for the Labour Party.

At a time when Labour should be nosediving in the polls and Gordon Brown in particular should be languishing at the bottom of the popularity stakes, Labour are in fact improving their poll standing and Gordon Brown - a key architect of this crisis - is enjoying improved ratings.

Cameron's recent ineffectual attack on Brown did nothing to stop that and Osborne is unable to come up with anything other than posturing and squirming. Why? Because Osborne, presumably with Cameron's consent, signed up to the Brownite revolution myth and the fiscal and monetary policy that supports it.

I can not recall a less effective opposition than we have now. In just about every key area - from the economy to transport - the Tories pretty much concur with Labour. The differences are in detail and application only. The essential policies are the same in every critical respect.

This should be a golden opportunity for the Tory party. As the credit crunch bites they should be improving their lead on a daily basis - but they aren't. They haven't just dropped the ball, they have handed it to Gordon Brown and allowed him to run with it.

Osborne indispensable? The whole bloody Tory party needs dispensing with.

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