Saturday, November 15, 2008

All in the family

I can't remember who it was, but I listened to some bloke on telly today claiming that the public outcry over the Baby P case will result in more children being taken into care - which will be followed by a public outcry that children are being ripped from families.

Whoever it was - no doubt some highly paid technocrat or something - he really ought to learn what constitutes a family. Just in case he isn't sure, a mother separated from her husband who moves in one of (apparently) a string of lovers along with a psychopathic lodger with a penchant for SS memorabilia is not what most of consider a "family".

This is the trouble with liberal progressives. They've decided that all relationships are equal and good - therefore any collection of people which includes a with a child is deemed a legitimate family regardless of their actual relationship.

Actually, I lie - they don't consider all relationships equal and good. They despise the traditional nuclear family - not because of anything inherently wrong with it, but merely because it represents the traditional and conservative and that - above all else - is the thing they detest.

Remarkably, even in this day and age, the nuclear family, as well as being the best environment to bring children up in, is also still the most popular type of family unit - though if the liberals get their way that will soon change.

What this fool fails to grasp is that what the public want is not for social services to take more children into care - we want them to take the right children into care. What we want is for them to stop leaving kids with single mothers who have a history of drug use and a string of ne'er do well lovers with a history of violence. We want them to stop being "culturally sensitive" and start making judgements based on traditional British morality.

Most of all, we want them to stop looking for signs of abuse that aren't really - such as overweight children, parents who smoke the occasional cigarette or exposure to Christianity.

The first step has to be recognising that the traditional family - a married mum and dad living together with their children - is not only the best type of family unit it is the only legitimate family unit.

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