Friday, November 14, 2008

All part of the plan?

Over the last few weeks and months I've been speculating that the demand for power this coming winter will bring power cuts and blackouts all over the country as the national grid fails to cope. Well, it seems that I may have been wrong.

The closure of dozens of factories this winter is set to reduce demand for electricity, minimising the threat of disruptions to Britain's power supplies, National Grid said yesterday.

Well that's alright then. I'm sure you are all aware that energy experts have been warning government that Britain will face severe energy shortages over the next 10 years as Britain closes many of its coal and nuclear power plants to meet the specific demands of our masters - the European Union.

Silly them! The government was one step ahead all the time. Rather than increasing supply by building new plants, simply reduce demand by creating economic conditions in which businesses can no longer afford to operate. Fewer businesses means lower energy demand - problem solved.

I also got things the wrong way around. I thought lack of supply would force businesses to close, but our clever leaders found away around that - make the businesses close first and demand will fall. Brilliant!

Nobody can accuse our leaders of not thinking outside the box.

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